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Selling Your Business: Put Work into Your Website

Having a basic website that checks all the boxes is what most people want. But when contemplating selling your business a different tact toward the website would be a good idea. Making a Good First Impression on Potential Buyers Your website is often the first point of contact potential buyers have with your business. A […]

Effective Marketing: Make it the Name of the Game

Getting away with little to no effective marketing is doable. In some industries. To a certain level. And the companies that enjoy the extra budget they don’t have to spend are actually paying a big price in the long run. Why? Companies that prioritize marketing gain a strategic advantage over their peers This advantage stems […]

Conversion: The Best Part of Web Traffic

Let’s embark on a journey that’s not just about clicks and views but about turning those digital footprints into meaningful connections. We’re talking about the exhilarating realm of lead conversion on your website.  Image: you’ve got a website that’s sleek, stylish, and packed with compelling content. You’ve put in the hours, sweated over the details, […]

Marketing Videos Steal the Show

Are you a content enthusiast? Let’s talk about the reigning champ of the digital world: marketing videos. They’re not just any type of content; they’re the rock stars, the headliners, the crowd-pleasers. So, why exactly are marketing videos stealing the spotlight? First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: our attention spans. We’re bombarded […]

Fractional CMOs: Disrupting the Norm

In the relentless hustle of today’s cutthroat business arena, staying ahead means ditching the old playbook and embracing the disruptors. Enter the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), the secret weapon in the arsenal of companies looking to shake things up and dominate their markets like never before. Gone are the days of bloated budgets and […]

The AI Cringe Factor

In today’s digital age, Artificial Intelligence is like a trusty sidekick, helping us save time, effort, and gain valuable insights. But sometimes, when we rely too heavily on it, things can get a bit awkward. Let’s chat about how we can use AI smartly without losing our cool. AI tools are kind of like magic […]

Mobile Optimization: Is Your Website In Danger?

So many more people than you think are looking at your website on their phone. A LOT more. With the majority of internet users accessing websites through mobile devices, neglecting mobile optimization can have detrimental effects on user experience, engagement, and ultimately, your bottom line. Picture this: you’ve spent countless hours crafting the perfect website, […]

Quality Content: Don’t Make That Bad Post

Let’s talk about something important: the shift towards quality content. Thanks to the rise of AI and the endless array of platforms available, we’re living in a time where everyone’s putting out content left and right. Remember 5 years ago? When every post was seen, viewed and liked? Those days are over. But here’s the […]

Marketing Team: The Power of Collaboration

In the fast-paced world of marketing, it’s easy for companies to get stuck in a rut. With only one content creator or marketer calling all the shots, it’s challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of trends, strategies, and opportunities. That’s where leveraging an outside marketing team comes in. Imagine having another set of […]

It’s a Jungle Out There, Keep Your Website Alive!

The internet is a jungle adventure, and if you don’t keep your guard up, your site could be bitten by a snake that destroys your precious traffic. Let’s chat about why your website traffic might be dwindling and what you can do to keep it alive and thriving: Forgetting Regular TLC: You know how your […]

Mastering the Game of Keywords

The online world is vast and competitive, where every click counts, the strategic use of keywords is the secret weapon that can propel your website to the forefront of search engine results. Consider it a game, the game of knowing and using the right keywords. Mastering the game of keywords-a game where understanding your own […]

Animated Videos: 6 Benefits for Small Business

Every company has a slightly unique video marketing strategy. Because of this, the benefits of animated video will help your company stand out. You can use animated videos for B2B marketing in applications where you need to illustrate concepts that are hard to stage live. Uses like boardroom presentations, for email marketing, website, on social […]

Website Health: Does Your Website Need a Tune-Up?

Your website is like a car – the body may look good to go, but what’s under the hood could be a different story. Just like neglecting your car’s maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns, ignoring the health of your website can cause real problems down the digital road, leaving you stuck when you least […]

Is Your Website Killing Your Brand?

In today’s digital age, your website is often the first impression you make on potential customers. But what happens when that impression falls flat? When people don’t know you well or even if they’re referred, they may shy away once they see you don’t care about your website. And if you’re neglecting your online presence, […]

SEO Should Be Embraced as Marathon, Not a Sprint!

In the wild world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands out as the grown-up strategy – not a quick fix, but a long-term game that crafts a legit asset, not just another gimmick. Taking the Scenic Route to the Top: SEO is not about the fast lane; it’s more of a leisurely drive […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Agency

In a nutshell, hiring a digital agency is like inviting a crew of experts to help you conquer the digital world. They bring their expertise, save you time and resources, infuse fresh ideas, provide access to cutting-edge tools, and offer the flexibility to grow with your business. So kick back, relax, and let TROAgency take […]

Word of Mouth Is Not Scalable for Your Small Business

Word of mouth is powerful in the small business world. It’s all based on trust. Happy customers who have had positive experiences with a company are often more than happy to spread the word and recommend that company to others. However, when it comes to scaling a business, word of mouth simply isn’t enough. There’s […]

How a Use Video for Lead Generation

Much of your success or failure depends on the lighting, so you want to move the lens toward the light when it is dark and vice versa when it is bright…

How a Video Camera Works, A Detailed Break Down

Much of your success or failure depends on the lighting, so you want to move the lens toward the light when it is dark and vice versa when it is bright…